Sepang: the perfect setting for a teen slasher movie

Yeah, Sepang. So we thought that the drive from the airport was an hour long because we’re headed to the city. I stay incorrected. We stayed the night in Sepang. Don’t ask. On first glance, actually.. on every glance Sepang looks like the setting from those teen slasher movies that I like. Eery, deserted and sinisterly quiet. The hotel we stated at was surrounded by a stone walled town/village that was used as a shopping complex for restaurants, tourist shops and convenient stores. But all of them were dark, dank and deserted. The people behind the counters all looked they died years ago. I realised later it’s probably because of the intense heat. All the buildings were dilapidated. It was creepy, and unreal. 

The hotel wasn’t half bad. We were just in trasit, and Malaysia Airlines put us up at the Empress. Sam and Johan were in a room all the way down the hall from where we were. Why do we always get the room that was right next to a “storage” room door. Like someone could easily be hiding in there.. waiting for 2 unaware tourists to check in and…boom! The shit goes down and the movie starts picking up the pace. You have no idea how painfully stereotypical the whole situation seemed. A couple jet setting off on honeymoon, meets another couple of similar age group and they check into this backward city in a hotel that I swear was the setting for the movie Psycho. All it was missing was an actual axe murderer. 

Malaysia is extremely hot. It’s like breathing sand; the air is thick. Nay, it’s like not breathing at all. It’s hot inside your eyeballs. If that feeling was even possible. The fluid in my eyes dried up! That’s how hot it was. But I enjoyed my short time there. We never got to see the city, Kuala Lumpur, but it was fun pretending that we’re in a horror movie on the outskirts of Malaysia. I trademark that story so you can’t steal it for your movie, Mr movie director man.

Next stop: BKK – Bangkok.
We said goodbye to Sam and Johan at the airport in KL. They were headed straight to Phuket while we would stop off at Bangkok first. We promised we’d find them on Karon Beach in Phuket (we never did). This is usually the spot where the movie ends. And they catch or kill the killer.. and not everyone in the group survived. Lol. I watch too much movies? We all survived.. and I’ll add some pics too to prove it.