How I Became The #TigerBloodIntern…. well, almost

So as you know, I’ve been participating for the #TigerBloodIntern title. I’m sure you all know what that means. A quick summary: after the media exploded with news about Charlie Sheen’s dismissal from the show Two and a Half Men, the social media world exploded even more with raving Sheen fans “fighting” for him to be rehired. Because we all know that, the show is nothing without Charlie Sheen. During this hype, this tweet was posted by the Sheen himself:

I applied. For fun and games mostly, to see if I had what it takes to be a social media rockstar for a celeb. The first round was easy, and the second round : a piece of cake. I had all the answers that they were looking for, because I already am a working social media strategist.

So why did I want to be someones intern again? Well, I wanted to see if my level of social skills was on par with the global social rockstars. I had no intention of getting through to the second and third round, but I did and then it became real. I decided to continue this as a social experiment. I won’t lie, there was a part of me that wondered what I would do if I actually got this. Would I quit my job to become Charlie Sheen’s social media intern? And would I leave my job as social media strategist to become someone’s intern? Never. I guess whichever choice I made would’ve sky rocketed my online presence. If I’d said yes, I’d have a surreal job for 8 weeks, get paid in dollars and leave the experience saying ” I was Charlie Sheen’s social media strategist.” I imagine being able to walk into any company after that line đŸ˜‰ And if I was chosen and I’d said no, it would still work out for me coz I could say “I turned down the offer to be Charlie Sheen’s social media strategist.” I imagine being able to walk into any company after that line too :p This was all going through my head at the time I completed each round, I was thinking… I’m going global baby!

The first round asked my basic details and links to my blog, twitter and other social media profiles. Second round was tricky; I had to write a #winning line describing why Charlie Sheen should choose me (in 75 characters or less). I can’t remember what I wrote, but it got me through to round 3.

I can’t describe to you the feeling I got when I saw this email. It was something close to INSANE! Round 3 was one I spent the most time on. It was an “interview” where I had to video record myself answering one of the three questions listed in the application window.
In the end, it didn’t work out. I got my last mail from the #TigerBloodIntern group. And I wasn’t selected as one of the top 50. This is the complete list of people who made the cut. Congratulations guys đŸ™‚ ! and this what you need to know, to be a kick ass social media rockstar for Team Sheen!
It’s been real, Charlie ^^