Detour to Hong Kong #NOREGRETS

By now I thought we’d be in Vietnam already. Turns out the delayed flight with Cathay Pacific had a knock on effect and we ended up missing our second flight as well. As consolation they told us to wait till the next day (Tuesday) so we could fly out to Vietnam – which is 2 hours away from Hong Kong. At that rate we would end up missing two days of our Contiki tour, as well as our scheduled flight to Na Trang. Not ideal.

China is different. It’s customary to leave the toilet seat up. But not because they hate women. I think it may be because of the germ thing. This country is extremely clean and germ conscious. Everything is operated by an automatic sensor: bins, water taps, toilet flush, everything. The only thing that is not sensor operated is the button to push the elevator. But even then there are massive hand sanitizing dispensers attached to the wall of the elevators. Everything is extremely clean. I could live here.

Having travelled to the East before, I think that China is the closest to South Africa than any other east Asian countries. Of course, I haven’t seen Vietnam yet.

We sat at the airport for at least another day. Cathay Pacific put us up in a hotel to rest as compensation for the delay but quite frankly the airport was more entertaining. It had phone charging stations with USB plugs. And if this post was about something else, I’d totally go into detail about our nightmarish experience at the airline office. But it’s not that kinda post.

The airport is insanely big. About as big as Kuala Lampur airport, and we even found a Halaal restaurant. Popeyes serves a KFC style chicken with chips that’s close to the best chips I’ve ever had. There’s lots to see here, shops, restaurants, everything. We stood outside for a bit while M was smoking. It was too cold to Instagram. When do I ever say that? But I was tired, two days without sleep, without a shower or a toothbrush, and I was pissed off about missing my first night of my first Contiki tour. Not the ideal state of mind to gram. And I was pissed that we are only getting a half day to see Hoh Chi Minh City (if we’re hopeful) no thanks to Cathay Pacific. But alas, here we were.. in Hong Kong. And I was planning to making the most of it.