My #NOREGRETS adventure starts now: VIETNAM

The excitement is starting to sink in. We were finally on our way to Vietnam.

Let me give you some context, last year I won this little nerd award at work for being the 1%er – My agency has this really cool mission statement that goes “99% of people say they are the best. 1% really are. we’ve hand picked you to work for us because you are the 1%” and the award I won was for being the 1%er of the year. The prize was a R25 000 travel voucher. But enough about work. M and I decided to use the voucher for the Vietnam Highlights Contiki tour. Epic decision.

imageThe time has finally arrived and we’re on the airport, on our way. Except we were not. See, our connecting flight from Joburg to Hong Kong was a bit strange. A bird flew into the engine of the aircraft, which caused massive turbulence and the pilot turned the plane around. Instead of being on our way to Vietnam we were now on our way to Joburg..again.

Our plane was grounded. For five hours. Cathay Pacific’s response to this was putting us on the 9am flight the next morning, with accommodation the eve. Bearing in mind our tour licks off at 6pm the Monday evening and include 24 hours of traveling. I was pissed off and kept saying things like “bullshit” and “unacceptable” while hoping for a miracle. The airport was a mess, there were other people on our flight who had meetings that couldn’t e moved but quite frankly nothing could be done about it. Until you ask “where’s the manger?”
I swear this is the reason they put Starbucks on all these airports.

The rest was a blur. We ended up on a red eye with SAA. And can I just add that South African Airways is super amazing with customer service. If it wasn’t for them, we’d still be in Joburg right now. Cannot thank you enough Vuyo.

My #NOREGRETS moment? Got to experience a real life “amazing race” adventure. We won. The other guys on the flight unfortunately did not.