A bar with a view

There is much that has been said about travelling solo. Equally though, I think there is much that should be explored about travelling together. I was never a big fan of travelling with “other people”. The thought of having my holiday planned and organised by someone else was just not my idea of fun. I much preferred to wander, get lost and take in the new sights and sounds at my own pace. The same way I approach my own life I suppose. But last year I took a chance and decided to do Contiki, one time before M and I get too old to be able to do it. And now I have a different thing to say about travelling together.

Last night M and I met up with some friends we met on our Contiki tour to Vietnam and they took us to this amazing little restaurant near St. Paul’s. The restaurant, Pho, was VIETNAMESE! I opted for the wok-fried rice with tofu. It was delicious and authentic Vietnamese. I highly recommend it – only if you enjoy Vietnamese food. Dinner was followed by a mini walking tour of London, which started with this spectacular view of London. Of course, photos were taken.

After dinner we went to the rooftop bar upstairs from Pho. This view that is St. Paul’s Cathedral was all kinds of amazing.

IMG_9485 IMG_9488 IMG_9490

Getting lost along the way was part of the plan, right Mehal? These are some of the moments we would’ve missed if we didn’t get lost.

IMG_9495 IMG_9498 IMG_9499 IMG_9503 IMG_9505 IMG_9518

And on the way home, I wished the sun would stay out longer than 9pm, so that I could take more photos and capture more moments.

IMG_9522  IMG_9567IMG_9533

Cheers to good friendships and many more Contikikiki’s  xo