The most wonderful time of the year

Last night M and I had the most amazing Mexican food at Wahaca in Soho. I’m going to be bold and even call it authentic. Another one of my least favourite, overused, agency buzzwords. We spent the afternoon in Crystal Palace park with Sutro. I love how the Winter sunlight is so soft from any angle at any time of day in London. By the time we circled half the park it was already 2 hours to sunset. So we headed out to Soho.

On the way to Sydenham overground station, I sort of felt a little proud staying here. The street was lit up with Halloween decorations; all the stores on the High Street got kitted out, had their lights switched off and invited the neighbourhood kids to come inside for trick or treating. It was lovely.

Soho was even better. It confirmed my theory more and more. Sydenham is for the older, suburban folk. Not for me. Not for us. Not for two young, millennial, second-screening, take-away eating, dog-loving, backpack-wearing, tube-travelling, bus-hating individuals like us. We needed to be within 30 minutes of the city. (not 1 hour away). And Soho was buzzing. There was a parade of people in costume rollerblading and rollerskating through the streets of Soho with some funky Spotify mood tunes. It was so surreal.

We walked for miles, from Soho, through Oxford Street and saw the white lanterns in preparation for Christmas. At that moment I didn’t really mind having to fight through all the people on the street. It was… magical. Like a scene from a movie. All that it was missing was the snow.

We walked through Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden looking for a cosy coffee shop, so we could people watch from the frosted windows. That plan fell altogether when we passed the Ben and Jerry’s store. I had the cookie dough (obvz) and phish food tub, and M opted for the Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge. I regretted my decision the moment I tasted Chocolate Fudge. London looks so different at night. But I’m not even sure if I’ve captured that exact feeling on my Kiev 4 because, you know, film. Guess I’ll have to wait and see when I get this roll processed.

Even on the way to Soho was so much fun. Everyone was dressed up in Halloween costumes and make-up that was so fucking authentic. Torn faces, third eyes, zippers that open up another face within your face.. it was crazy. And it was scary. And people just walked around as if they looked pretty normal, just going about their evening commutes, just looking like that. And people though nothing of it. No one would give them a second glance. Because it’s London. This is London. And I live here. Being able to say that will probably never get old.