That East London neighbourhood

Lezbehonest. There’s not much to love about living in South East London. The transport links are shit, you’re quite far away from everything, the transport links are shit and so on and so forth. But hey, every once in a while I come across beautiful little gems that make me proud to be so close to the East. One of my favorite fucking places in London is the E1. Brick Lane Market. It’s one of the few places I’ve been to more than once. And a couple of times with Sutro.

Check it out. This is what the market looks like (I think) I’m not kidding. I have to keep writing from my South African perspective so that it’s hard for me to forget where I’ve come from. So, from where I’m from… this place is packed. It looks like New Year’s Day. No place in Africa is ever this packed every single day. And DUDE. It’s safe! So safe to walk here with your camera. And the vibe is just eclectic.


See, the entire street is closed off to the market. And there are so many mini markets within the market. All you have to do to find them is just walk down an alleyway, or a door. Pick one.


The food is off the hook crazy. Yes, we always find ourselves picking the door that leads to the food wonderland. It’s fate. And we always pick dessert first. IMG_3813IMG_3497IMG_3496IMG_3458IMG_3457But.. if you are looking for proper food that’s not melted marshmallows covered with Belgian chocolate and banana topping, then you won’t be disappointed. Every heard of a Brick Lane curry? They’re meant to be really good. And there are so many Indian places to choose from. That’s what I love about London too. There’s not 1 particular type of food that’s famous here (and if there is, I still haven’t found it) – there’s just a whole lot of different pockets of different types of foods from all over the world, and everything is really good. Pretty much like the people here; welcome every culture.


With love from the E1.