The Instagrammer’s Guide

I’m not a traditional photographer. I’m also not insta-famous, apart from that one time when Instagram listed me as a Suggested User. I’m a Creative Director with a passion for capturing moments. And that’s what led me to do this.

People always told me that I shoot London like a local. And I’ve always been an active member of the Instagram community – which is how I got to meet some of my closest friends. For as long as #communityfirst existed, Instagram has been a sacred place for me to connect with people, escape to another country and be inspired.

The Instagrammer’s Guide… is part 1 of a series of guides that I will produce throughout the year, some independently and others in collaboration with other instagrammers across the globe. It’s for people to get to know their cities a little better and for tourists to get to see a different side of the cities that they visit.

I created this series of ebooks to give people a different perspective – because there’s more to these cities than what you see in the travel brochures.